Hatching generosity

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The Dog is a generous dog. I had no idea.

His foster mom had warned me he tended to be a bit possessive about balls, apparently under the mistaken impression that all r balls r belong 2 him.

Once, she told me, he gathered all the balls at a dog park into a group and then stretched out on them. “Your dog is trying to hatch the balls,” another dog parent told her.

He did the ball gathering thing at the dog park when I took him too, after he’d gotten tired of chasing them. He wasn’t trying to hatch them this time, just keep them near.

We were the only ones at the park that day until the arrival of Mina and Rita. Mina and Rita were a pair of older dogs, and of course The Dog noticed them when they came into the park. And here’s what he did: He picked up one of his balls and took it to Rita, then went back to the ball pile and got another one, taking it to Mina.

Neither of them were interested in balls, but I have to say I was very impressed with The Dog’s generosity. I don’t know what was in his mind, but it seemed quite clearly to be about sharing.

Would that the rest of the world could duplicate such a simple act.

He’s also been getting in touch with his inner Labrador, discovering that he’s actually very fond of swimming. There’s a purpose for those big webbed feet. I keep him on a very long retractable leash, and he’s splashing much less than he was during his first few forays into the watery depths. He’s starting to really get the concept of “dog paddle.”

The dude spends most of our lake walks in the water, if not swimming then wading. It is, of course, very nearly summer, and we’re already having some pretty hot days. I suspect it feels pretty good walking in the water.

So I got him a backyard pool. So far he’s not getting in it entirely on his own, but of course he jumps right in for a ball.


The Little Bitty Kitty has been trying to entice The Dog to play, rolling and squirming on the floor in front of him. So far, though, he’s just looking at her like she’s speaking cat or something. Oh, wait …

Speaking of LBK, she’s let me know that she does not wish to be called a terrorist any longer. Instead, she’s become a socialist revolutionary, taken to wearing a beret and wandering around the house insisting on justice for kitties and better treats for all. There’s something about world domination as well.

Minus the world domination part, it sounds a lot like The Dog’s generosity. LBK, of course, doesn’t have bags of treats to share with her brothers, so she looks for other ways to make it work.

I’m still a bit concerned about the world domination, though. She is, after all, a cat, and a scary smart one at that. At least The Dog is just thinking about 3-inch tennis balls.


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