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Posted by kc on December 16, 2015 in Current Events |

I didn’t watch or listen to the GOP debate last night. I left work as it got started, leaving that inglorious task to my colleague Donie O’Sullivan, God rest his soul. I didn’t because I could pretty much have told you what it was gonna be, and from the looks of things, I woulda been absolutely right. It’s all about the fear. This is a crop of candidates who have, along with their media arms, stoked unreasonable fears about just about everything, and now that they’ve done that, are amplifying those fears.

It’s a two part campaign they’re running. Part one, make everyone afraid. Part two, once that first one is accomplished, tell everyone they’re right to be afraid. In other words, pile on. And of course blame Obama and the Democrats.

Here’s the thing, though. It’s bullshit. You know it, I know it. Hell, one or two of those folks may know it too, but they ain’t gonna say that. That’s why it’s imperative for all of us to speak the truth now, loudly, calmly, assertively. And insist that my colleagues stop participating in this farce. Call out the candidates, call out CNN and MSNBC and CBS and NBC and ABC and even Fox if you want to, although that’s probably useless.

Just do it, please. This isn’t the time to sit back quietly and argue about whether Bernie Sanders is electable or Hillary Clinton is too corporate. Unless, of course, you want World War III, another generation of repressive judges on American benches, more of our basic civil rights eliminated and a foreign and domestic policy based on racism, nativism and fear. If that’s the case, by all means keep on doing what you’re doing. But please don’t come crying after next November.

But if you really don’t want all that, get vocal now. And don’t focus on Donald Trump, because he’s just the most obvious. Not one single Republican running for president this year would be any better. And that’s a shame. We need difference of opinion, differing views from which we can work together toward a common goal. That’s not what we have here. Here we have an entire party operating not on differing opinions but on different, made-up “facts” … and I don’t have to tell you what made-up facts really are. If you need a refresher, remember how this country got into the war in Iraq in the first place.

Encourage your friends and family to step back for a minute, get off the edge of fear-driven anger and hatred. Ask them, beg them to look at the reality that is instead of the false reality they’re clinging to, created out of whole cloth by opportunistic politicians and media executives. Relax, and breathe. We can — all of us — do this. Let’s go.


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