Ridin’ with the top down, Part Deux

Posted by kc on April 29, 2012 in My life and times |

My eyes were fine, thanks for asking, and I enjoyed the ride home with the top down as much as the ride up to the eye doc’s. In a couple weeks, I’ll have some new glasses — and some new shades.

Since then, I take every opportunity to get out in the sun. My neighbor has taken to counting the number of times I come and go. Part of that is because I am just so damned happy to be able to drive at all again, and I have places to go.

The other part is that that ridin’ with the top down is the best thing ever. It’s kinda like not getting my first tattoo until I was 50. What the hell was I waiting for?

My friends who have either had or still have convertibles have all told me, independently of each other, that it’s the best anti-depressant on the market.

No kidding.

I just don’t get why more people aren’t doing it. I ran some errands today. Saw two other convertibles, both with the top up — and the windows too!. It was upper 80s today, and these guys had to be ridin’ with the AC on. Why? With that breeze in my face, I had no desire for air conditioning.

And I’m quickly becoming convinced that if everyone drove around with the top down, there’d be no more war. I start smiling as soon as the ragtop is in the well and I don’t stop for the rest of the day, long after I’ve parked the car and pulled the top back up.

I’m going up to Asheville soon to visit my friends there. Cannot wait to feel that mountain air around me. And wait till the first time I head for the beach …

Even The Dog is getting used to the ride, although I loop the leash over my arm in case he has some wild idea of jumping out. I think he likes it though. He used to lay down in the back seat when we drove, but now he’s taken to sitting up, although I’m not quite sure why he puts his head up against the headrest.

Maybe he gets that same meditative feeling I get. It’s peaceful, no matter the speed. The sounds, the smells … it’s all right there. I’m not separated from any of it. Lemme tell ya, having the windows down in a hardtop doesn’t come close.

Hell, I don’t even know why I ever wanted a motorcycle, which I did once. That requires a helmet, and I’m limited to one passenger.

One’s enough, but The Dog wouldn’t be very happy on a bike.

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  • Notgruntled says:

    I got my first convertible in ’97. For a year or two, I was militant about it. I would drive with the top down, jacket zipped all the way up and heater blasting in 50-degree weather. After a while, I got more blasé about it, and wouldn’t bother putting the top down for short trips. Sometimes on Interstate runs, I’d opt for top-up just to avoid the wind noise. It became more of an occasional thing. But still, after a decade and a half, on a clear evening, it’s just perfect.

    I’ve driven ragtops along the Pacific Coast Highway, over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel, around curves on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and right in the damn surf in Daytona. I think I have a hint of what motorcyclists must feel, but I’m not confident enough in my motor skills to go quite that far.

    Another thing about driving a convertible is that it just makes you seem … more approachable, I guess. Stopped at a light, you’ll be the first person other drivers and even pedestrians ask for directions. A convertible also provides an incentive to keep the inside of the car litter-free, because it’ll blow around like crazy.

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