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The secret to clear communication, to compassion, is being open. Not open to this or that, some arbitrary something that we deign to be open to, but just … being open, to anything, to everything. And to that, we must simply … stop.

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Stop the stories running in our minds, stop the preconceived notions that block our ability to really experience this world as it is — not as how we wish it could be or hope it could be or fear it is, because it isn’t any of those things.

And, neither are we.

IMG_0568All of those ideas and thoughts that we have — about our world, about us — are illusions, conceits that we have created. Once we’ve started down that path, we must close off from the world as it is because if we don’t, we find the world too confusing, too angry, too ugly, too … different from the world we’ve created.

Some of us, even after we’ve started down this path, have difficulty closing off. Typically, we say those people “live in a world of their own” or “don’t live in the real world”. But in truth, they may well be closer to the world as it is than the rest of us. The world they don’t live is yours.

When we’re surrounded by people who have built an illusory world, we often find it uncomfortable if not impossible to … relate. We question our own sanity, since everyone around us has already labeled us different. How we deal with that situation depends frequently on our ability to find others who don’t fit in and entirely on our relationships with ourselves.

If we have bought the storyline that says we are different, that there’s something “wrong” with us, we will almost certainly have difficulty. But there is nothing “wrong” with us — just as there’s nothing “wrong” with those whose worldview is entirely different from our own.

That’s why it’s important to just stop, and to open to all possibilities.

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